It's no secret that Italians are a passionate bunch, so it hardly comes as a surprise that the patron saint of lovers was Roman. In addition they also celebrated this holiday of LOVE over three days. 

To honour their traditions Bread and Circus is celebrating this holiday of LOVE from February 13th-15th with a six course menu for two.

Valentine’s Day Six Course Menu for two $150 (for 2)
Available February 13th, 14th and 15th

Chicken Liver Tart
with strawberry jelly and vanilla

‘Kayle’s’ Ceasar Salad
romaine hearts, oyster dressing, bacon, dill

Buffalo milk mozzarella panna cotta
with prosciutto and semi sundried tomatoes

Egg Yolk Ravioli
with roasted pumpkin, pine nuts, Pecorino Romano, brown butter and fried sage

Ewe Nique Farms braised lamb shank and warm apple and cauliflower salad
with Parmigiano–Reggiano and house made polenta with whey

Gelato Affogato
with raspberry meringue, chocolate semifreddo and fresh espresso